Hold It Right There, Mister Preacher


Author: B. Richard Nicholson
Binding: Paperbackk
ISBN: 978-0-9867253-0-2
Publisher: Abeng Press
Number of pages:



For Christians, it’s the way they live and their relationship with God and fellow-humans that matter in eternal terms. The way we live is largely determined by what we hold to be true. If what’s held to be true is flawed, so is the life that’s guided by it. The question isn’t so much, ‘are we serious about what we believe?’ as it is, ‘what do we believe?’ For, in all seriousness, what’s the point in being serious about that which cannot be taken seriously?

Starting with his own Seventh-day Adventist milieu, B. Richard Nicholson deconstructs some of the orthodox Biblical misinterpretations that feed the sordid stereotypes of Christians as freaks. This candid book is not so much a call to steadfast faith, or even a call to implicit trust in the Bible as God’s word, as it is a call to see the Bible for what it actually says. Whether you are a believer or not, ordinary reader or academic, you are bound to find Hold It Right There, Mister Preacher either exhilarating or infuriating.

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